Welcome to Wapley Agincourt 600!

This iknight5s the website of the Wapley Agincourt 600 event which was held on Sunday 25 October 2015 at St Peter’s Church, Wapley, South Gloucestershire.

The #wapley600 event celebrated the area’s links with Sir John Codrington, who was the standard bearer of King Henry V at the decisive Battle of Agincourt on that date in 1415, when the English forces defeated a larger French army.

Please read the posts below for the latest news, and check out the various menu items above for details of the event and its historical background.

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Even more photos added to the Wapley Agincourt photo album

The photos keep coming in – thank you! There are now several hundred photos on the Photo Album page.

A special plea – have you got any photos of the procession at the church with the standard etc? We have a lot of “back views” but we would particularly appreciate “front views” of the procession and the participants.

If you took photos of the procession in the church or outside, please get in touch via the Contact Us page.

More photos of the event

People have been contacting us asking to see more photos, and to make them easier to download. We’ve now created a photo album page with instructions for downloading.


We’re sure that we haven’t covered everyone that was there – if you have photos of the event you think should be added to our photo album, please use our Contact Us page to let us know, and we’ll email you back with an address to send them to.

Please note that unless you tell us not to, we will also share photos submitted with Yate Heritage Centre, the Tourist Information Centre, and local historical groups on Facebook like Yate Photographs.

Event photos now available

Infantry in training

Infantry in training

We’ve uploaded a selection of photos of the Wapley Agincourt 600 event as a slideshow, and more photos in a photo album.

Sorry if you were a participant but you’re not in the photos. If you have photos of the event you think should be added, please use our Contact Us page to let us know, and we’ll email you back with an address to send them to.

A very big THANK YOU to all our visitors, participants, volunteers and sponsors. We would be grateful for some feedback – please use our Contact Us page.

Our very own Wapley Agincourt 600 poem

St Peter's Church at sunset on the eve of Agincourt Day

St Peter’s Church at sunset on the eve of Agincourt Day

Archery historian and story-teller Veronica-Mae Soar has composed a very special poem to mark the occasion, that she will read at our event tomorrow:

Wapley. 25th October 2015

Why stand these men beside this ancient tomb?
Their faces solemn and their heads bowed down,
While words from Shakespeare echo in the gloom.

By tomb caparisoned in cloth of red
In honour of Sir John, who served his king,
They stand in silent tribute to the dead.

At Wapley in old Glo’ster’s famous shire.
As we in solemn process gather here,
The bell tolls from St Peter’s ancient spire

People of every age and every sort
From every place, upon St Crispin’s day,
Are come to think and speak of Agincourt.

How on this day 600 years ago
Upon a foreign field, with beating hearts,
King Henry and his army met the foe.

The doughty archers let their arrows fly;
From sturdy bows of yew their shafts were sent
So thick, ‘tis said, they seemed to dark the sky

The royal banner waved above the fray,
In Codrington’s brave hands it fluttered forth;
And many a noble deed was done that day.

O may we not forget as years go by
Warwick and Bedford, Talbot and their kin
Fighting for Henry ‘neath a leaden sky

The choral voices rise to heav’n once more,
Our children hear this tale of yesteryear,
As we muse on the deeds at Azincourt

©  Veronica-Mae Soar   2015

Extra parking arranged for Wapley Agincourt 600

There has been so much interest in the event that we’ve arranged extra parking and minibuses – see our Getting Here page.


As you approach the event, just follow the “PARKING” signs – if the general parking site fills up, we will switch the signs round to direct you to the overflow car park, which will also have a free Park and Ride service.


If you are disabled and have your Blue Badge with you, please follow the “EVENT” signs and you will be able to park in the property next to the church.

What’s happening at Agincourt itself this weekend?

As some readers will know, the main French Agincourt (Azincourt) event took place in the summer. The coming Sunday, St Crispian’s Day, has been adopted by the French Gendarmerie because  Gallois de Fougières died in 1415 and he is considered as the first gendarme killed in the face of an enemy.


Sunday will be celebrated by a keen group of living history recreators “La Mesnie 1415” (the 1415 Fellowship), among others, who will be on the battlefield giving it a medieval flavour. They have a great website  – check out the photos, even if you don’t speak French. The main event details are here (in English).