What’s happening at Agincourt itself this weekend?

As some readers will know, the main French Agincourt (Azincourt) event took place in the summer. The coming Sunday, St Crispian’s Day, has been adopted by the French Gendarmerie because  Gallois de Fougières died in 1415 and he is considered as the first gendarme killed in the face of an enemy.


Sunday will be celebrated by a keen group of living history recreators “La Mesnie 1415” (the 1415 Fellowship), among others, who will be on the battlefield giving it a medieval flavour. They have a great website  – check out the photos, even if you don’t speak French. The main event details are here (in English).


One thought on “What’s happening at Agincourt itself this weekend?

  1. Hi Paul & all others involved in the celebration

    Congratulations on organizing this magnificent celebration to commemorate the Battle of Agincourt & the life of Sir John Codrington.
    Best wishes for the celebratory day. May it be a wonderful event.
    Wish we could be there to join in with the celebration.
    Hope to revisit the area again one day as we really enjoyed our visit to your beautiful region, including your museum and church, where we were so fortunate to visit when bell ringing practice was in progress.

    With kindest regards
    Kathryn Holzberger (nee Codrington} and John Holzberger
    Adelaide, South Australia


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