longbowArcher Anthony Harcourt tells us: “The English Archer was feared by all his opponents, his ability to kill at over 350 yards,was legendary and his casual attitude to death was outside the knightly code of engagement, making him beyond redemption.  He was condemned by Mother Church and despised as of no social status, other than ‘hedge scum’.  No respect of society or rank apart from the King and his Feudal Lord, his attitude to his social superiors could be described as ‘casual’. His 32 inch long arrow arriving at 140mph (as many as 900 a second at Agincourt) would scythe through any rank of foot or horse leaving the majority dead and the rest maimed”

Nigel Packwood says “I am a relative newcomer to the world of archery having started shooting longbows in 2006 and progressing on to warbows in 2008. The warbow being distinct from Victorian longbows by their extra power (usually 100lbs or more) and the ‘full compass’ tiller. I have been a member of the Companions of the Longbow since 2006 and the English Warbow Society since 2008. I make all my own arrows but have yet to make a bow.

 My main period of interest is the 100 years war focusing particularly on the early campaigns of Edward III and the Black Prince at Crecy and Poitiers where the bow started to become the dominant weapon in Europe”