Embroidered tomb cloth


A centrepiece for our local celebration of the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt will be a very impressive embroidered cloth to cover the tomb of Sir John Codrington in St Peter’s Church, Wapley. Sir John was King Henry V’s standard bearer at Agincourt in 1415.

The tomb cloth, which consists of more than a million and a half stitches, will be officially presented to St Peter’s at the start of the commemoration on Sunday October 25 this year.

The top row of shields are the King’s standard as carried by Sir John at Agincourt (left and right), representing the royal shields of England (the lions) and France (the fleurs de lys), flanking the arms of King Henry V.

In the centre are the arms of Sir John Codrington at the time of the battle, and below are the two later versions he was granted – see the Our Local Hero page for more details.


Bob Pritchard of the Richard III Society (on left of the photos) researched and embroidered the heraldic shields and designed the overall tomb cloth. Freelance seamstress Margaret Dutton of Rugeley made the cloth itself, stitching the embroidered parts on to the material and adorning the outer edges with gold braid.

Accompanying Bob in the photos are the Rev Ian Wallace, Rector of the churches in the Yate area, and local residents Lady Shirley Codrington and Jenny Shiles. Jenny is the chairman of the organising committee for the event.