Our Local Hero

John Codrington was born around 1384, the son of Robert de Coderyngton (the present-day village of Codrington is next to Wapley)

John married twice, first to Margery Chalkeley, by whom he had two children, Geoffrey and John. His second wife was Alice Besyls, who was much younger than him, by whom he had three sons, Humphrey, John and Thomas.


By the time of the Battle of Agincourt in 1415 John was about 50 years old. There is some controversy about his role at Agincourt, as there is evidence of Sir William Harrington having been appointed as the king’s standard-bearer. However a logical explanation is that Sir William may have been part of the forces holding the captured town of Harfleur, and that John substituted for him at Agincourt. Another possibility is that both were at Agincourt, with one bearing the battle standard and one bearing the royal standard.

shieldsThree coats of arms are associated with Sir John Codrington. The original shown on the left was confirmed in 1441/1442, followed quickly by the more elaborate centre version of 1445. This version is the one most commonly used by the Codrington family in recent times, and has been adopted with their permission as the badge of Dodington Parish Council. The version on the right, dating from 1473, was augmented to show Sir John’s support for the House of Lancaster.

Sir John Codrington is commemorated by a tomb in St Peter’s Church, Wapley.


2 thoughts on “Our Local Hero

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  2. Dear Mrs Shiles

    Thank you for your letter.

    Unfortunately my father,Stanley Codrington, to whom your letter was addressed, died a year ago at the age of 94.
    He visited Dodington and Codrington when he and my mother, Sadie Codrington, visited the UK.
    My husband and I also visited Dodington, Codrington and St Peter’s Church, Wapley when we visited the UK in 2013.

    We were most fortunate to meet and visit Lady Shirley Codrington and to learn much about my ancestors including Sir Simon Codrington and the local brave hero, John Codrington.

    We have treasured memories of our visit to your beautiful region and enjoy listening to a movie I made of bell ringing practice at St Peter’s Church which, fortunately, was taking place when we visited your church.

    We would love to attend the anniversary celebration, but as we live in Australia, we will not be able to do so.
    However, we hope to one day revisit St Peter’s Church and your wonderful region.

    Best wishes for your anniversary celebrations.

    With kindest regards

    Kathryn Holzberger (nee Codrington) and John Holzberger


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